Ten of the Best Job Hunting Tips for Graduates

It might be daunting been a graduate in today’s economy and wondering if you anyone will ever employ you, but there are plenty of graduate jobs available. Here are some of the best job hunting tips for graduates that could send you on your way to employment.

1. Don’t get discouraged

The key is to maintain realistic expectations from day one, but do not get put off when your dream job doesn’t arise overnight. Give it time and don’t give up, something will eventually come out of the many cover letters you send.

2. Move to an Industry Hub

Obviously you do not have to up and move for your career, but make sure you are near to the main areas related to your industry. For example, it you want to move in to the fashion world, it is probably in your best interest to be located near or in the city.

3. Consider All your Options

Often recruiters from certain industries will have visited your campus more than others as career fairs often have their own set of established connections and job tracks. Take time to consider your options as you may find that you can get paid for doing something that you actually like.

4. Interning

If you haven’t had any internships or volunteer work in your field of interest, you’re probably not doing yourself any favours in this competitive job market. Not only would you be gaining experience and knowledge, internships can often be a great way to ease yourself into a full-time job. Have a look at some of internships that are available.

5. Clean up your Facebook Profile

Before you start applying for jobs it is essential to make sure that your online identity is not going to come in between you and your dream job. Over 25% of hiring managers say they use search engines to research candidates, and at least one in ten check out social networks like Facebook.

6. The Cover Letter Conundrum

You can set up a standard structure for your cover letter and stick to the same formula where each paragraph does a certain task, this will make your life much easier. However, you need to remember to customise your cover letter to suit the position you are applying for.

7. Set up an information interview

Many companies offer informational interviews through HR departments and these are perfect ways to get your foot through the door because they’re easier to score that regular interviews. You can learn information in these interviews and ask questions freely, and they will make you better informed when the real interview comes around.  

8. Nail your phone interview

Phone interviews are often a critical first hurdle in landing an in-person interview. However, you can’t read the various social cues of a face-to-face conversation, therefore you need to rely solely on what you say and how you say it. Remember to be enthusiastic and be prepared for the call by finding a quiet place where you feel comfortable.

9. Send A Follow up

After attending an interview, a follow up thank you letter is not only polite but also a chance to reiterate qualifications and your desire for the position.

10. Have a Life

Job hunting may be a job in itself, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it take over your entire life. It’s hard to see the end of the tunnel but as soon as you land the job you want you will forget all about the months of grovelling.

This is a Guest post from Rebecca Airey, Community Assistant & Writer at job site Adzuna.co.uk

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